We are now in the most important section of our site, since the structure of its pages will allow us to digitally exhibit the collections of different kinds that have originated its creation. If we compared ourselves to a real museum, our pages would be its multiple galleries and our images would be the pieces that are generally hung on walls or kept in display cases.

Virtual catalogues and exhibitions, so necessary nowadays in the world of Cuban collecting, will eventually emerge and take shape as a product of the enrichment of the collections exhibited: in numismatics the coins, bills, shares, casino chips, sugar mill tokens, bonds; in philately the stamps, post marks; in vitolfilia the cigar bands, labels; also those old views and gravures of the country;  its maps, and even all those images of great interest that filled the Cuban publications from their beginnings up to their moment of splendor during the Republican time.

It is important to point out that all the images that can be seen in our galleries are original, obtained from pieces that nourish our collections or have passed through our hands. These pieces would never be for sale. However, their images can be acquired digitally (once we activate this service) by those interested in using them for the multiple purposes they are suitable for.

Our pages will be characterized for being dynamic, since they will change as we add up new texts or new images to its galleries. These changes could be the result of new acquisitions or other collectors wishing to collaborate with our site previously arranged.

As every museum, its creation, the acquisition and enrichment of its collections and the digitalization and display of its possessions, involve great expenses which make it necessary for us to charge a minimum fee for the access to  the enlarged images of what we originally exhibit.

Hoping that our offers are of your liking, we invite you to begin your tour by choosing from the left bar the subject of your preference.