is a project intended to create gradually a virtual space dedicated to recreate the Cuban past by displaying through theme pages with their correspondent galleries similar exhibitions to the ones you may enjoy during a visit to a real museum.

This will be mostly a cultural website, without any political inclination whatsoever and it is dedicated to describe and reproduce digitally in a brief and objective way the wide range of pieces of interest for collectors due to their characteristics.

Gradually this website will incorporate sections dedicated to numismatics, graphic arts, philately, tobacco memorabilia, painting and sculpture, photography, etc., all linked to the cultural patrimony of our country.

When compared to a real museum, our sections would be something like its galleries or halls and its images like the pieces on its walls and showcases. 



This website was shut down by the server hosting it on January 31st, 2016, after using the domain and getting hundreds of daily visits. On the aforementioned date, we received the following message:

Your account has been suspended in compliance with the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the United States Department of Treasury which administers and enforces trade and economic sanctions in accordance with U.S. policy.

Subject to the OFAC sanctions, we are unable to provide hosting, domain registration and related services to any server, reseller, shared accounts, entity or person in the embargoed region. As this is a federal regulation, there is no extension available on this action, and any requested exemption is not at our discretion.

At this time, the account or accounts in question have been suspended and disabled. This means that your websites are not currently accessible to visitors, and you cannot log into your account. In accordance with U.S. regulations, we cannot provide access to the account or the files within it, nor can we provide a refund for the services purchased. We apologize for any difficulty this may cause, but we are required to comply with U.S. law.

Given our economic possibilities we were unable to stablish a lawsuit of any kind. Our only solution was starting over and with time and a lot of effort we managed to reestablish the website this time with another extension (.net) and in another server.

We invite you to begin your visit by picking the topic of your preference and we hope you enjoy our sections.