Cuba Museo

Is a project whose main purpose is to gradually create a virtual space dedicated to recreate the Cuban past. It will exhibit through thematic pages, with their corresponding galleries, samples similar to those you could enjoy during a visit to a real museum. This will be a purely cultural site, with no political intentions or tendencies of any kind. It will be restricted to digitally reproduce in a concise and objective way the wide variety of pieces that according to their characteristics turn out to be of interest for the field of collecting. It is important to make it clear that on this first stage, we will limit ourselves to exhibit only the samples belonging to the colonial and republican period of the everyday Cuban life, so we will cover only what is known as the pre-embargo era. Exhibits dedicated to numismatics, graphic arts, philately, vitolfilia (the art of collecting cigar bands, labels), painting and sculpture, photography, etc.., all so tied to the cultural heritage of a country, will be gradually incorporated into this space initially made up of the following sections: